“The Long Road Back” – First Draft – 2/21/2013

If I told you that I took the long way home today,

Would you care?

I took the long way –

Looped around your favorite spot,

That place tucked between the staircase and that “out-of-place bench that meant so much to you.”

You weren’t there.

Then I walked up to the coffee shop that

You loved so much,

With that smell strong enough to make me sick.

I even bought a cup to remember how much I hated that shit.

Not there either.

Then I walked that “wooded path in your concrete jungle,”

Such a cliché fucking name –

But I walked it.


Entry 1. Untitled.

I wrote this back in 2007, and really just think its fitting to post this one first.  Wow is this old.  Here is the link to the original place I published it:



As I stagger to my feet,
I see the shadows on the floor.
Suddenly I feel so incomplete,
As I feel the breeze of the open door.

I look around, You’re not here.
I try to let go, I shed a tear
I never thought I’d see the day,
When You got up, and walked away.

As I sit here, all I see,
Ghosts of Us floating by.
All of the memories, too hard to watch.
Yet one of which caught my eye.

It was Us…
It was Love I know.
We shared a kiss,
I watched it grow.

But none of this seems real,
All of these memories,
This whole ordeal.

I feel the rain pouring down,
But I look to the sky,
I see not a cloud.

But I can’t stay here,
Now I know I must go,
But deep down in my heart,
I want You to follow…

But Love is a two-player game,
And if You give up,
It’s just not the same.

I hope You know
Exactly what You threw away,
It was something Real,
Nothing You see everyday.

But there is nothing I can do,
I have to let You see,
The one You are meant to be with,
Is Me.